How long the cream last after opening the jar?

"I opened the cream jar last year but I forgot to finish it. The expiration date is not reached. Can I still use it?"

About shelf life of cosmetics, there are two concepts.

  1. Expiration date. This is often written on the package. Sometime as it is written as "best before..." This means that if your product is kept unopened, it should be good until the expiration date. The standard shelf life for a cosmetic product is often 2-3 years after it is produced.
  2. Period after opening (PAO). A standard time period for PAO is 6 months after the jar or bottle is opened. Therefore, after the product is opened, it is a good idea to use it up within a period of 6 months.

Expiration date 2a charts.JPG

As shown in the diagram, there are two situations.

A) If you open the jar of cream after you purchase it for over 2 years, the expiration date may be reached before you finish the product. In this case, the shelf life ends even if the PAO is not.

B) If you open the jar of cream shortly after you purchase it, the expiration date will not be reached before you finish the product. However, if you open the jar but forget to continuously use it, after 6 months, the product PAO is reached even the expiration date is not.

Since the shelf life will be a short 6 months after you open the cream jar, we highly recommend that you continue using the product and finish it within a period of 6 months.

Additionally, you can extend the shelf life of the balm cream if you wash your hand and wipe it dry before applying it. It is also a good idea not to double dip when you use it.

To avoid possible unnecessary waste, please mark your calendar when you open the cream jar and try to finish it in 6 months after opening.

Mar 18, 2022

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