Two types of burning: inside and outside

There are two types of burning.
One is leaking out and burns the outside skin. You can easily solve this problem by wiping clean the leaked ingredients on the skin with a wet towel or a piece of tissue. Your burning will stop immediately after wipe-cleaning.
The Silk is OK inside but why does it cause burning as it exits my body?
The other is burning inside. It is often caused by micro-wounds due to sexual activity or extended dryness. Please stop having sexual intercourse if you had it lately for at least two weeks to allow the wounds to heal. If you did not have sexual activity for at least two months, it may be caused by extreme dryness.
To overcome this type of burning, you can cut the suppository to two halves and use one half every other day. Please refrigerate the product to make it hard and cut it. Place it as deep as you can at the bedtime with an empty bladder.
I felt burning after using NeuEve Silk and cream. What should I do?
Feeling burning is normal. Please continue using the product with the suggestions listed above. You will become tolerant and your dryness and atrophy will be relieved gradually.
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May 24, 2022

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