Does BV Clear just clear only the odor?

Does it clear odor only or does it get rid of BV completely? Antibiotics have not been working for me. - Customer

A fishy odor is the most noticeable symptom and when it goes away, the customer knows that the product works and report in their feedback. However, for those who do not have a noticeable symptom, it is harder for customers to realize it has worked. Then, they might say that it did not work or were not sure if it worked in the review.

We have recently received one feedback reporting that the product worked for BV without fishy odor. The customer said:

"I have only taken one of these because after the first one I got my period (so I couldn't take more). I will say that it has definitely had an effect on my symptoms. How "permanent" I do not know, but that's more based upon my experience. I am 25 yr old, so I haven't been taking this due to menopause. I was worried it might not work for me because I was less of the "dry fishy" BV and more the discharge, but it has definitely changed that."

You can try BV Clear. It has 3 NeuEve suppositories. Most women with BV find relief with just one of the 3 regular suppositories. However, you need to allow NeuEve sometime to work. One suppository lasts for 3 days, and 3 lasts for 9 days. If the odor or discharge did not go away at first, you just wait a few days for the NeuEve to work.

Do not use antibiotics, antiseptics (like boric acid or hydrogen peroxide), or douche when you are using NeuEve. These products are counterproductive.

Jan 18, 2021

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