For maintenance, do I need to use BV Clear for the rest of my life?

Due to the risk of BV recurrence, we recommend that all women whose BV has been cleared to do short-term maintenance of 3 months. If you do not see BV returning in 3 months, you may not see BV return for a long time. However, this is not a guarantee. Recurrent BV may still come back later without continuous maintenance.

There are two methods for long-term maintenance against BV recurrence.

1.    “Continuous” plan
This plan is to use BV Clear one pack per month continuously without stopping like a continuation of the short-term maintenance plan. If you choose this plan, you can subscribe to BV Clear monthly. There is no side effect for the long-term use of NeuEve BV Clear because it is all-natural and food grade.

2.    “Use as-needed” plan
This plan is to stop the short-term maintenance after 3 months and keep two packs of BV Clear in the refrigerator for future use in case BV comes back. It may be too big an effort to continue using the BV Clear every month. In case you ever get BV again and need BV Clear to clear it, you will have the product handy in the refrigerator. The product can last many years if stored in a refrigerator.

3.    How to choose the right plan?
If your BV is really bad and very hard to clear, you should use the “Continuous” plan because you do not want a really bad BV to come back that is difficult to clear. Continuous using BV Clear suppository once a week is simple and is a small effort. However, if your BV is not so bad or is easy to clear, you may use the “Use as-needed” plan because it is simpler and more economical.

Apr 3, 2021

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