Not sexually active, how can I tell if NeuEve has worked for me?

Normally, if painful sex is a major discomfort, when sex is no longer painful or the level of pain is reduced after using NeuEve, you would know that the product has worked.

Since aging effect takes time to recover, it may take a longer time to find relief especially for those who have suffered vaginal dryness and painful sex for years. If you have not found relief after a short-term use of NeuEve (like 3 months), your condition may be severe. Continuous using the product along with other methods may help you find relief sooner.

However, if you are not sexually active, you may use other means to test if the product has worked for you.

1) Pelvic exam by a doctor
Pelvic exam.jpg
When a woman has vaginal atrophy, performing a routine pelvic exam by a doctor can be a challenge. It may cause pain and discomfort during the exam. Some of our customers are not sexually active. Their sole purpose of reversing vaginal atrophy with NeuEve is to be able to perform the routine pelvic exam by their doctors.

After they used NeuEve, they were able to receive pelvic exams without pain. This is an indication that the product has worked for them. However, if the pain persists after they use NeuEve for at least 3 months, they may have a severe case of vaginal atrophy. Their current treatment needs to be improved by the addition of some other methods to speed up the recovery.

2) Using varying sized dilators
Dilator size chart.jpg
You can assess the progress by using varying sized dilators. If you could use a small size dilator without pain, but when you increase a size, you feel pain, this indicates that you have vaginal atrophy.

After you use NeuEve products like Silk and balm cream and also doing dilation exercise, you will make progress in reversing the atrophy. When you can move up a dilator size without pain, you will know than you have made progress. Each sized dilator is a milestone. Once you reach the largest sized dilator without pain, you will have achieved full recovery.

3) Using fingers

If you could only insert one finger without pain, you have severe vaginal atrophy. After treatment, you can insert 2 fingers and see if you can feel pain. If you do not feel pain, you have made progress. Then, you may try 3 fingers, etc.

If you feel that you have a slow progress, you may follow suggestions detailed in this article to speed up the recovery. It was written for helping relieve painful sex. It can also help those who are not sexually active:

I have painful sex. Can I use NeuEve to find relief quickly? Good for all ages.

Aug 17, 2023

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