Lube vs. NeuEve

Scientific research found that most men can be sexually active well into their 80s, but women have to go through menopause at mid-age. The gender difference in sexuality and aging puts a great challenge on marriages. Therefore, products that can help women overcome the aging effect are important for maintaining marriage and relationships.

Most jellies (lubricants or moisturizers) are made with chemicals like glycerin, propylene glycol, and/or polyethylene glycol (PEG), the same chemicals for making automobile antifreeze which is well known for its toxicity. Jellies provide only short-term lubrication but can speed up the aging process by tissue dehydration. After using jellies, a woman’s vagina shrinks, causing a rapid loss of the ability to have intimacy. Some women may have to go through surgery in order to keep their relationships, while others may have to forgo romantic intimacy altogether at a relatively young age.

NeuEve is different. It can defy aging by reviving the mucus gland in women and reversing the atrophy. Many women who previously suffered severe vaginal atrophy have recovered by using NeuEve. If NeuEve is used early and regularly, the onset of vaginal atrophy can be substantially delayed. Therefore, even though jellies are cheap, their toxic chemicals can speed up aging and their effect wears off rapidly. NeuEve has a long-lasting effect. One application lasts 7-8 days. It is a worthwhile investment for women because it can help extend their romantic intimacy and good marriage well into the golden years.

Jan 19, 2021

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