I took two pills of sea buckthorn oil and had upset stomach. What should I do next?

Sea buckthorn oil is a natural product and is safe.

Most customers do not feel any discomforts after taking it. But study shows that about 10% customers reported discomforts. Major complaints were upset stomach after taking 2 pills with an empty stomach.

After they reduce the dose to 1 pill and taking with meal, the problem was solved. They had no more complaints.

Thus, this problem can be managed.

I would like to suggest that you can wait for a few days until your stomach issue becomes quiet down. You can reduce the dose to 1 pill per day and take it with meal. Please try not to take the pill with an empty stomach.

Sea buckthorn is an excellent product that has helped many women to regain moisture. I highly encourage you to try it again with the suggested method.

I hope that you will find it helpful in reducing the risk of upsetting stomach.

Mar 10, 2023

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