Sea buckthorn oil pills vs. sea buckthorn oil in the NeuEve suppository or cream

Question: "I take sea buckthorn oil daily for dry eyes. How much sea buckthorn oil is in a daily dose of NeuEve Silver so that I can back off my other supplement accordingly?"

This is a good question. Let me explain.

There is a difference between taking sea buckthorn oil orally and applying it topically (for external use).

When you ingest the oil, the nutrient will be absorbed in the gut and distributed by the blood circulation to the whole body evenly. If you ingest 1,000 mg sea buckthorn oil per day, about 0.01% (0.1 mg) will go to the eyes because the sizes of eyes' tear glands are only about 0.01% of the body weight (not precise, example only). All the other 99.99% will be delivered to all other places to promote their health, like the health of the heart and brain, and even the vaginal tract.

For dry eyes, 0.1 mg may be good enough because the eyes are small and their demand for mucus secretion is also low as a few drops of tears can moist the eyes for a long time.

About vaginal dryness, 0.1 mg sea buckthorn oil to the vaginal mucus glands may be good if you have only a mild dryness. But if your vaginal dryness is severe, 0.1 mg may be a little too low. This can be compensated by topical delivery.

Each NeuEve Silver suppository delivers about 100 mg of sea buckthorn oil to the local vaginal lining tissues. The suppository must include the formula base and other equally important ingredients, and 100 mg is the most it can deliver. Since 1 Silver suppository is used once every 5 days, the average daily dose of topical sea buckthorn oil is only 20 mg.

Even though the amount of sea buckthorn oil in a suppository is 10x less than the daily dose of sea buckthorn oil pills, but it is 1,000 times more than the tissue distribution by oral ingestion, because all 100 mg sea buckthorn oil is delivered locally where it is needed. Therefore, NeuEve works much better than taking sea buckthorn oil orally for relieving vaginal dryness.

Now, the question is how much of the 100 mg delivered to the vaginal tract can go to the eyes? The answer is not much. The reason is that when two tissues fight for the same nutrients, they may not share them.

Let me use an analogy to explain it. For example, rabbits eat carrots and cats eat fish. A cat does not fight for carrots with a rabbit but can fight for fish with other cats.

Let us assume sea buckthorn oil is fish, and the gut tissue is a rabbit. When you take sea buckthorn oil orally, it is absorbed by the gut - the rabbit. So, the rabbit does not eat fish. It will distribute it selflessly to the whole body.

However, if you deliver sea buckthorn oil to the vagina, this tissue is a hungry "cat" that is craving for fish. After you give this "cat" fish, it may eat all of it and may not share fish with other cats distantly located in a far away place. Therefore, the likelihood that that vaginal tissue will let some of the sea buckthorn oil to be relocated to the eyes' tear glands may be low.

If you have dry eyes and vaginal dryness, you should take the recommended daily dose for sea buckthorn oil without reduction. A topical product that delivers sea buckthorn oil at a lesser amount to a different part of the body may benefit only that part of the body locally; it may not reduce the eyes' nutritional needs.

However, if you are concerned about too much sea buckthorn oil may have a side effect, you can use NeuEve Vulva Balm Cream.

You only need to use a tiny little bit of the balm cream, like a grain of rice amount, on the external vulva daily. This amount of cream delivers about 1 mg of sea buckthorn oil (1000x less than the pill) and other nutrients. But it is sufficient for the nutrient need of the local tissue and can provide good moisture for you. One jar lasts 3-6 months. This makes it both safe and economical.

This article explains how to use the balm cream:

I am using the Vulva balm cream for the first time. Can you please tell me where the vulva is?

Mar 8, 2024

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