I took sea buckthorn oil pill and I cannot fall in sleep in the night.

There was one customer complained about not able to sleep after taking the pill at bedtime. She changed the time to take it in the morning, her sleepless problem was resolved.

Unlike coffee that has caffeine to help keeping alert, sea buckthorn oil does not have caffeine. It is rich in various vitamins. These nutrients are good for the brain's alertness. Some sensitive persons may feel it, although most do not.

I would suggest that you can stop taking the pill for a few days to let your sensitivity to become quiet down.

Then, you can restart by taking one pill at a time only in the morning and with meal, like drinking coffee in the morning.

You may be more alert in the daytime. When night comes, the pill is long being digested. You may fall in sleep without a problem.

Dec 14, 2022

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