The next day a chunk leaked out?

In the second morning, I noticed that a chunk of suppository leaked out. Should I be worried about it?

Your body may change over the time, especially when entering mesopause.

The suppository is melted at normal body temperature: 98.6F.  Over 50,000 women use the NeuEve suppository, 99% without a problem.
Some women have a low body temperature so that the suppository is not easy to melt inside the body. Please measure your body temperature in the morning and evening for 3 days.  If it is over 2 degrees below 98.6F, please see your doctor to have thyroid homomer tested.

Some women may have suffered dryness for a long time, so that they do not have enough secretion to dissolve the water-soluble portion of the NeuEve suppository.

Do not worry about the undissolved portion. It only takes a short time (about 15 minutes) for all the nutrients to be released from the suppository. The undissolved portion that you see is mainly starch used as a filler to hold the suppository in shape during shipping in the hot summer. It is just a ghost shell of the suppository on the second morning. You did not waste anything. Please continue using the suppository according to the recommended intervals.

To help better melt the suppository, you can place the suppository deeper inside. You can also cut one suppository into 2 halves. Use one half every 2 days.

Dec 5, 2020