Do you have products that are free of scents? I have MCAS and react to essential oils that have scents

The product has trace amount of essential oils. The amount is so low and you may not be able to notice it if we did not list them in the ingredients. We need to add some scent because certain vitamins have unpleasant odor. Using trace amounts of essential oil can cover the unpleasant odor.

Since the product is not ingested, it may not cause an allergic reaction. To date, over 100,000 women have used the NeuEve and few have reported allergy.

We made a small batch of a sensitive balm cream for women over 70 and for those who are highly sensitive. It has only about 10% of the essential oil of the regular product and is almost scent free.

You can try it first to see if you can tolerate sensitive balm cream OK. Since the demand is low, this product is not list for sale on the website. This article shows you how to order it:

I am over 70 and have dryness, odor, painful sex, and chronic recurrent UTIs. Which product is right for me?

Feb 6, 2023

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