I just read a disturbing review on Amazon. It claims the Silk contains lavender oil known to be estrogenic. Is this inaccurate information?

Thank you for your report of the bad review.

This review may not be from a true customer. It may be from a competitor who wants to push down our product.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove this bad review due to Amazon's review policy.

First, this review did not show the words "Verified Purchase." This means that the writer did not purchased our product. Had she purchased our product, the review should be labeled "Verified Purchase."

Second, she claimed that using NeuEve for less than 1 month caused her uterus to grow fibroids.

Fibroids are slow growing benign tumors. It takes years to grow a tumor. A tumor does not grow to a noticeable size in less than one month. This means that she has made up her story.

Third, about lavender's estrogenic effect, it is false information. The researchers used DMSO to dissolve lavender components. DMSO has a strong estrogen effect. Thus, all their results that had estrogen effects may be from DMSO. Thus, the information on lavender is false.

Please read this link: https://aromahouz.com.au/blogs/news/debunking-the-lavender-myth#:~:text=There%20has%20been%20a%20long-living%20myth%20towards%20lavender,linked%20to%20Gynecomastia%20-%20breast%20growth%20in%20males.

Fourth, we used lavender oil for scent. The concentration is too low to have any physiological effect other than a mild scent.

NeuEve is safe. Please continue using it.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Nov 19, 2022

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