I see you recommend supplements. Can taking supplements alone reverse vaginal atrophy?

This is a good question.

Theoretically, nutritional supplements can relieve many illnesses related to nutritional deficiency. For example, taking supplements, like calcium and vitamins D3-K2 pills, can reverse osteoporosis.

For aging-related outcomes, taking supplements helps improve the recovery of vaginal atrophy and UTIs.


But taking supplements alone may have a limited effect.

For example, wrinkles on the face (atrophy of the skin) is caused by aging, not a lack of nutrition. Once wrinkles have occurred, taking supplements alone may help slow down new wrinkles from showing up but are not effective to smooth the old wrinkles. Likewise, taking supplements alone are not effective for reversing vaginal atrophy that has already occurred.

NeuEve can relieve vaginal atrophy by topical nutritional supplement directly to the affected tissue. Taking nutritional supplements can help it work better.

The best result can be achieved by using a combination of applying NeuEve suppository and Cream, taking supplements, and doing dilation exercise.

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Jan 1, 2024

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