I have been using Estrodial and boric acid to manage vaginitis and lidocaine and coconut oil for painful sex. Will this conflict with starting NeuEve?

Thank you for reaching out.

Estrogen, boric acid and lidocaine may have some side effects and should not be used for the long term.

It is a good idea to wean estrogen because long-term use of estrogen may have cancer risk.

How can a hormone pill, skin patch, or vaginal insert, ring, or cream raise cancer risk?

However, due to possible withdrawal effect, you should not stop using estrogen abruptly. You must wean it slowly in a period of 1 month. This article shows you how:

How to wean off HRT with NeuEve?

I see that you have ordered NeuEve Silk and balm cream. These are the right products to start. Once you are on NeuEve, your vaginal atrophy may be relieved shortly. To speed up the recovery, you can add dilation exercise to promote the growth of your tissue elasticity.

How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

Dilators are not our products. They are provided by VuvaTech.  We list a link here for the convenience of our customers.


You can click the "Learn More" button to learn more about dilators.

You can assess your recovery progress by the size of dilator that you use. Once you move up to the largest dilator without pain, you will achieve a full recovery from vaginal atrophy.

After your atrophy is relieved with NeuEve and dilators, you will not need to use lidocaine and coconut oil any longer.

Nov 1, 2022

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