How Mucinex works? Which one to buy? How to take it?

The expectorant in Mucinex helps stimulate mucus glands in the lungs to secret mucus, so that it can help you cough up dried sputum easily. However, its expectoration effect does not limit to the lungs. It also stimulates dried mucus gland secretion in other tissues and organs, including those in the vagina.

If your dryness is severe and using NeuEve alone did not relieve it, you can buy Mucinex with just expectorant without cough suppressant. You can get it from Amazon or from your local drugstore. See image below:


You can take Mucinex 1 pill before bedtime. The active ingredient is the expectorant. We are taking advantage of its side effects for this purpose. Please do not take more than 1 pill a day. Only take it for a short term, preferably in the first month when you started using NeuEve to help you get a head start.

After taking it for a while, you may notice moisture in the previously dried vagina. It suggests that your dried mucus glands are activated. If so, you can stop taking Mucinex. You can save the unused pills for future use as a cough medicine. Even though Mucinex is a safe over-the-counter cough medicine, all medicines may have some side effects. Thus, we do not recommend taking it for a long term.

After mucus secretion is activated, you can use NeuEve regularly for long-term relief of vaginal dryness and atrophy.

Jun 14, 2022

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