I have Sjogren and severe vaginal atrophy. Can NeuEve help me? Can I use NeuEve with Replens?

NeuEve has helped over 100,000 women, some of which had the MOST severe vaginal atrophy. Sjogren can cause severe vaginal atrophy, but it is not nearly the most severe.

The most severe atrophy is caused by pelvic radiation for cancers in the pelvis. All other products including estrogen and MonaLisa Touch have failed to provide relief. NeuEve is the only product that has worked. Therefore, NeuEve can help you no problem!


For relieving vaginal atrophy with Sjogren's, you may find this article helpful:

My Eyes and Mouth are Dry. What do I do?

In addition to the suggested products in the article, we recommend the following:

  1. NeuEve Balm Cream. https://www.neueve.com/products/cream
  2. NeuEve Silk Suppositories. https://www.neueve.com/products/silk
  3. Sea Buckthorn Oil. https://www.neueve.com/products/sea-buckthorn
  4. Dilators (optional). https://www.neueve.com/pages/dilators

For using the balm cream, you may find these articles helpful:

Do I apply the cream outside or inside the vagina? Can I use it more than once a day?
Why do I need to add the NeuEve cream to the suppository?

You can start with the balm first once a day. Apply a tiny little bit (a 1/4 dime size) to the exterior vulva. If you do not feel burning, you can increase a little bit at a time, but never more than a dime size. Overapplication may cause intolerance.

After you are on the balm for 1-2 weeks and you feel there is some moisture, you can start the Silk suppository, once every 4 days.

About the Sea Buckthorn oil, you can start with 1 pill twice a day with meal. If you do not feel any discomfort like upset stomach, you can increase to 4 pills a day for the first month to boost the recovery. After 1 month, you can take 2 pills a day for health maintenance as suggested on the bottle.

If you are sexually active, you may start dilator exercise after 1 month on NeuEve when your atrophy is partially relieved. You should not start dilation before using NeuEve for at least 1 month. Start from the smallest one first. Go up the size slowly and one size at a time.

How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

If you are not sexually active, you do not need to do the dilation exercise. Using NeuEve plus Sea Buckthorn Oil will be good enough for you to find relief from extreme dryness.

When you start using NeuEve, please stop all jellies like Replens because these products only provide transient relief but they actually accelerate your atrophy. Once you are on NeuEve, you do not need any jelly any more.


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I hope that you will find relief soon.

Feb 14, 2022

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