Vitamin E Suppository vs. NeuEve

The vitamin E suppository is cheap and it can make me feel comfortable. NeuEve is more expensive. Could you explain why it is better than the vitamin E suppository?

Vaginal atrophy or dryness is a dysfunction associated with aging, like osteoporosis. Let us use osteoporosis as an example. To find relief for osteoporosis, you need to provide the right nutritional supplements, namely calcium and vitamin D3, and K2. Eating chocolate may give you comfort, but it does not improve the osteoporotic bone. Continue eating chocolate for relieving osteoporosis will soon facing bone fractures.

Can vitamin E suppository stop, delay, or reverse vaginal atrophy? The answer is "No." The cause of vaginal atrophy is complex, but it is not related to a single vitamin deficiency. Therefore, supplementing vitamin E alone for vaginal atrophy would be the same as eating chocolate for osteoporosis. The reason that you felt comforting is due to the oil that dissolves the fat-soluble vitamin E functioning as a lubricant. You can get the same lubrication effect just by using coconut oil. However, they have no effect on stopping, delaying, or reversing vaginal atrophy. On the other hand, NeuEve provides a collection of necessary nutrients, including vitamin E, to local atrophied tissues, like calcium and vitamin D3, and K2 for osteoporotic bones. This is the reason why many women customers reported that their vaginal atrophy has completely relieved after using NeuEve and the reversal of atrophy was confirmed by their gynecologist doctors.

So far, more than 100,000 women have been using NeuEve for vaginal atrophy. Nearly all of them are previous users of vitamin E suppository. After they have continued experiencing vaginal atrophy, they realized that vitamin E suppository has no effect on reversing vaginal atrophy, and they have switched to NeuEve. Luckily the soft tissue does not have a "fracture" like bones. Even in older women, the vaginal atrophy can still recover with NeuEve.

Feb 27, 2021

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