I am 32 and breastfeeding. I have recurrent BV. I want to know if NeuEve is safe for breastfeeding women.

Hello, I am 32 and 5 weeks postpartum with symptoms of BV.
I was treated with a 7-day course of clindamycin vaginal cream, but the symptoms returned two days after finishing. I then used boric acid suppositories for 7 days, and although my symptoms improved midway through, they returned a couple of days after completing the treatment. I’m looking for something safe to use while breastfeeding. The website recommends NeuEve Gold, but I want to confirm that it is safe for breastfeeding women. Thank you!


During breastfeeding, the hormone prolactin increases while estrogen decreases, leading to vaginal dryness and atrophy. This can reduce resistance to infections like BV, which commonly occurs during this time.

Given that you are breastfeeding, your BV may be due to vaginal atrophy. Simply clearing the bad bacteria might not prevent the infection from recurring because the underlying atrophy and reduced resistance remain.

The best approach is to address both the infection and the vaginal atrophy simultaneously.

NeuEve products are designed to do both and are safe for women, including breastfeeding mothers. NeuEve is made from all-natural, hormone-free, and food-grade organic ingredients.

Over 100,000 women have used NeuEve safely without any reported side effects.

For your situation, NeuEve Gold is a suitable option. It is safe for breastfeeding women and can help manage both the BV and the underlying vaginal atrophy.


Below is the suggested NeuEve formula for you:

Initial Treatment

For the first 12 days, use 1 pack of NeuEve Gold (4 suppositories). Insert 1 suppository every 3 days for a 12-day treatment period.
NeuEve Gold


If by day 12 your BV symptoms are cleared (~90% chance), switch to maintenance mode by using 1 Gold suppository per week, skipping the menstrual period week. One pack will last for a month of health maintenance. Continue this maintenance for at least 3 months. If BV does not return during this period, you may be BV-free for a long time.

Continued Treatment

If by day 12 your BV symptoms are not cleared (~10% chance), continue using NeuEve Gold once every 3 days until the BV is cleared.
If, after using 3 packs of NeuEve Gold, your BV is still not cleared (~1% chance), you may have a stubborn case of BV. In this case, you can move up to BV Clear.
BV Clear
For guidance on using BV Clear for stubborn, recurrent BV, refer to this article: How to Use BV Clear

Important Considerations

  • The initial use of NeuEve Gold is not wasted; it helps reverse vaginal atrophy, boosting resistance to infection and tolerance to stronger treatments like BV Clear.
  • BV Clear should not be used upfront while breastfeeding due to potential burning sensations in cases of vaginal atrophy. Use NeuEve Gold first for a few months to reverse atrophy, then you may tolerate BV Clear if needed.

Post-Treatment Maintenance
After clearing your BV symptoms, it is crucial to maintain this balance to prevent recurrence. Refer to this article for maintenance tips: How to Stop BV from Coming Back
If you find NeuEve Gold effective, consider subscribing to it for long-term health maintenance until you finish breastfeeding. This will help keep atrophy and BV at bay.

Additional Information

  • Print this letter as a hard copy to follow the instructions.
  • To understand how NeuEve clears bad bacteria without antibiotics, you may find this article helpful: Fish Analogy

Refund Policy

Please note that the 30-day money-back guarantee applies to short-term treatments. Long-term treatment commitments are necessary for recurrent BV relief. Some customers who request refunds after 30 days may experience recurrent BV for life without finding lasting relief. We emphasize the need for long-term use to achieve sustained results.

I hope you find relief soon.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is not medical advice for the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of any diseases.

Jun 23, 2024

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