Study of BladUp for Restoring Bladder Prolapse

The bladder, a hollow organ located in the pelvis, is responsible for storing urine. In women, the bladder is supported by pelvic floor muscles and the front wall of the vagina. These supports can weaken with age, leading to bladder prolapse—a condition where the bladder descends into the vagina, causing urinary difficulties, discomfort, and leakage. Evidence suggests that the early stages of this condition can be reversible naturally. Until now, there have been no self-care wellness products specifically designed to halt bladder prolapse.

Stages of Bladder Prolapse

  • Stage I:Mild prolapse. The bladder slightly descends to the upper vagina.
  • Stage II:The bladder drops to the lower vagina, near the opening.
  • Stage III:The bladder reaches the vaginal opening.
  • Stage IV:Complete prolapse. The bladder extends outside the vagina.

Causes of Bladder Prolapse

  • Aging:Weakening of pelvic floor muscles over time.
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth:Strain and stretching from vaginal childbirth.
  • Hysterectomy:Increased risk post-surgery.
  • Lifestyle:Contributing factors include obesity, chronic constipation, persistent coughing, and heavy lifting.
  • Genetic Predisposition:Family history of pelvic organ prolapse.

Originally developed for vaginal dryness, NeuEve has demonstrated the potential in alleviating symptoms of mild bladder prolapse. Building on this, we have created "BladUp," a natural wellness product formulated to deliver enriched nutrients aimed at supporting stronger pelvic muscles and thicker vaginal walls.

Eligibility for Study Participation
Candidates must be under 65, live in the United States, and have a medical diagnosis of mild bladder prolapse (Stages I or II), with no history of surgeries. They should not be using hormones or other treatments. Additionally, candidates must be otherwise healthy, without a history of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, acute urinary tract infections (UTIs), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or pelvic tumors.

Participants will pay a $500 deposit to cover the cost of the BladUp package, which includes 4 packs of suppositories (8 per pack) and 1 jar of vulva balm (2 oz), plus $10 for shipping and handling. Upon completion of the study and submission of feedback within 7 days, participants will receive a $500 refund, making the net product cost zero. Collecting a deposit helps ensure that participants use the product and submit feedback.

Study Procedure
This 3-month study requires participants to use BladUp suppositories twice weekly and apply the vulva balm daily. In the first month, two packs of suppositories are used to jumpstart recovery, followed by one pack per month in the subsequent months. Participants may choose to perform Kegel exercises daily to potentially accelerate recovery but must maintain a daily journal to record their use of BladUp, any Kegel exercises, and symptoms of bladder discomfort.

Approximate Timeline

  1. Participants email us at with all required information.
  2. We select 15 participants and then send the consent form and an invoice.
  3. Participants sign the consent form and pay the $510 deposit.
  4. We mail the BladUp products to the participants.
  5. Participants begin using the products and maintaining a journal.
  6. After 3 months, the study concludes. Participants submit their journals and results, including a doctor's evaluation of their bladder status.
  7. We issue a $500 refund (the $10 shipping and handling cost is non-refundable).

Benefits of Participation

  1. Potential restoration of the prolapsed bladder at no cost.
  2. Contribution to the development of a pioneering natural product for prolapse restoration.
  3. Support in advancing women's health and wellness.

BladUp is a wellness product designed to support the bladder in the pelvis, which can weaken over time due to normal aging. This product is intended to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal walls to support the bladder, like how calcium pills help build stronger bones. BladUp is focused on promoting women's health and wellness and is not intended to cure any disease.

Jun 21, 2024

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