Using Antibiotics or Boric Acid?

"I was just diagnosed with BV by my gynecologist. He prescribed me clindamycin vaginal cream for seven days. When can I start using your product and which product would be best to use after a seven day round of antibiotic cream?"

Antibiotics are good at eliminating true bacterial infections, but BV is not a true infection but a disturbance of vaginal ecology (dysbiosis). It is the reduction in the number of good bacteria, lactobacilli, and an increase in the bad bacteria, anaerobes.

Let us use lawn care as an example. The good lactobacilli are like lawn grass, while the bad anaerobes are like weeds. When your lawn is nice and green without weeds, it is healthy. When weeds overgrow to outnumber lawn grass, you have BV. Antibiotics are like Roundup that kills all vegetation including weeds and lawn grasses. After the Roundup treatment, your lawn may be again filled with weeds as the good grasses are also gone. But the probiotic lactobacilli are like lawn grass seeds. If you put lawn grass seeds directly onto weeds, they cannot eliminate weeds to establish growth.

NeuEve is like weed-n-feed for lawn care. It can clear BV naturally without using Roundup. It suppresses weeds and feeds your lawn to build up a healthy turf. But if you use the antibiotic cream first to roundup your lawn and weeds, and the weed-n-feed (NeuEve) will not work as you will have nothing left to feed. Therefore, for BV management it is not recommended to use douche, antibiotics, or antiseptics (such as boric acid) before using NeuEve.

Jul 12, 2023

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