How does NeuEve relieve vaginal dryness without hormones?

Menopause leads to osteoporosis due to the reduction of estrogen levels.

While estrogen supplementation can reverse osteoporosis, it comes with a cancer risk, which is significant even for women without a family history of cancer.

Thousands of NeuEve customers were previous users of estrogen who later developed breast cancer. In fact, most breast cancer cases do not have a family history.

The scientific literature extensively documents estrogen's promotion of breast cancer.

A recent study by scientists at Harvard University provided new evidence indicating that estrogen not only promotes but also directly causes breast cancer, further confirming the associated cancer risk.

A safer approach to reversing osteoporosis is taking calcium, vitamin D3, and K2 pills, known as nutritional supplementation.

To date, millions of post-menopausal women have achieved overwhelming success with this method.

Similarly, nutritional supplementation can also reverse vaginal dryness. NeuEve achieves this by delivering the right group of nutrients to the vaginal tissue, similar to the approach with bones.

Before menopause, a woman's vagina is moisturized by mucus glands. After menopause, as estrogen levels decrease, the vaginal glands dry up.

Estrogen has been used to treat vaginal dryness by controlling these mucus glands.

Since menopause is a natural aging outcome, all women will experience it as they age. Therefore, menopause, along with its associated vaginal dryness, is not a disease but rather an age-related feminine discomfort.

Using a potent drug like estrogen to address a non-disease constitutes overmedication. Long-term estrogen use potentially escalates the risk of various diseases, significantly impacting women's health and wellness.

So why does a minor feminine discomfort become a subject of overmedication?

The reason lies in the absence of safer and more effective alternatives. After common lubricants and moisturizers fail to provide relief, women eagerly seek more potent treatments. Doctors often have no other recourse but to prescribe estrogen, inadvertently contributing to health issues such as an increased risk of breast cancer.

With the advent of NeuEve, this widespread overmedication will change.

NeuEve has made a simple conceptual breakthrough. Estrogen is no longer needed for relieving vaginal dryness, even in the most severe cases caused by pelvic radiation that estrogen fails to relieve.

Consider dry eyes as an example.

When tear glands shrink with aging, eyes dry out. Artificial tears are often used for relief, but their effects wear off quickly.

Reviving dried tear glands, which provide auto-lubrication 24/7, is a better approach.

Tear glands are normally controlled by mood changes or can be activated by cutting an onion.

Onion analogy image.jpg

But onions smell bad. It would be nice if a rose could be used as the tear stimulant.

NeuEve has found the "rose" for reviving dried glands in women. This is the secret of NeuEve. Due to the revival of mucus-secreting glands, the vaginal mucosa is auto-lubricated and moisturized 24/7. Many women using NeuEve report regaining moisture. We use "rose" to represent NeuEve because it clears up odor by restoring vaginal ecology. Women smell fresh and feel rejuvenated after using NeuEve.

Smell the rose-1.jpg

Now, all NeuEve products use organic rose essential oil for its pleasant scent and remarkable health benefits.

To date, over 100,000 women with severe vaginal dryness have used NeuEve and found relief. Among them, some suffered from the most severe vaginal dryness caused by pelvic radiation. Both estrogen and laser-based procedures have failed to provide relief. NeuEve is the only product that has effectively relieved these women. Thus, NeuEve is the most effective product for vaginal dryness relief.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It discusses natural products, nutrients, and alternative methods for managing discomforts associated with vaginal dryness (not a true disease). It is not intended as medical advice for the treatment of any diseases.

Apr 11, 2024

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