How should I refrigerate my NeuEve?

I live in a very hot climate. Will the effectiveness of the product be compromised if the whole package is stored in the refrigerator? Or, would it better to place the next suppository I will use in the fridge and hour or two before insertion?

The suppository is formulated to melt at the body temperature (98°F) so that it can release its ingredients once applied.

However, if your area is hotter than the body temperature, the product can become soft during shipment. When you receive the product, you can store it in a refrigerator. This will make it hard again and easy to use.

Keeping it in a refrigerator will not hurt its quality. Chocolate melts at the body temperature and may become brittle after storing in a refrigerator. The reason is that chocolate has sugar crystals, but NeuEve does not have sugar. Therefore, its quality is not compromised when it is stored in a refrigerator.

In the summertime, a major challenge during shipping is the hot temperature in a car or a mailbox under the sun. It can be as hot as 120°F. The suppository can become soft when you receive it, but it will become hard once indoors and after putting it in a refrigerator for several hours. Then, you can take it out before use.

If your house is constantly air-conditioned it should be OK to put the NeuEve in the room temperature for a long time after taking it out from a refrigerator. Otherwise, keeping it in a refrigerator in the summertime is better. If your area is hot like Arizona, Texas, or Florida, keeping it in a refrigerator in all seasons may be a good idea.

Aug 1, 2021

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