Your product did not work as expected. I want refund.

Thank you for reaching out. We understand your frustration.

Refund is easy but your discomfort has not relieved.

Since the start of NeuEve on the market 8 years ago, we have helped over 100,000 women with the most severe vaginal atrophy or BV to find relief after all other products under the sun had failed. No matter how severe your discomfort is, you can get relief. But for a severe case, a short-term treatment may not be enough. Commitment to a long-term treatment may be required.

We would be better able to help you find the best solution if you could tell us your age, menopausal status, and health condition like hysterectomy, cancer therapy, and certain specific diseases, and symptoms of the discomfort that you wish to find relief. We will keep your information strictly confidential.

Please let us know if you wish to receive the best solution for your discomfort.

Thank you very much!

Sep 29, 2021

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