I am 83 years old and have bladder prolapse. Which products should I start with?

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Technically, only drugs can "cure" diseases. NeuEve is not a drug but a natural product; therefore, we cannot claim that it can cure bladder prolapse.

NeuEve delivers nutrients to nourish atrophied, weakened, or prolapsed tissue. It uses natural ingredients to offer alternative or complementary solutions to common feminine problems where conventional approaches may be less effective.

With continued use of NeuEve, you may find it beneficial in easing your discomfort.

Some NeuEve users have reported that their bladder prolapse was stopped or reversed after using NeuEve. This suggests that regular use of NeuEve may help relieve bladder prolapse symptoms. The reasoning may be that NeuEve strengthens the atrophied vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles. A stronger vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles can provide better support to a prolapsed bladder, potentially pushing it back to its original position.

However, the successes reported by some customers may not be generalizable to everyone, as individual cases vary.

These stories do suggest that using NeuEve, along with other methods like Kegel exercises, may be helpful for mild cases of bladder prolapse.

If you have a mild case and want to see if NeuEve could be beneficial for you, you are welcome to try it.

There is no quick fix for reversing bladder prolapse, and we do not guarantee that it will work for all customers. If you decide to try it, patience is necessary, as it may take some time and persistent use of the products before you see significant improvement.

Which product to start with?

At 82, you can start with:

1. NeuEve Sensitive Silk suppositories, https://www.neueve.com/products/sensitive-silk
2. NeuEve Sensitive balm cream, https://www.neueve.com/collections/menopause/products/sensitive-cream
3. Dilators, https://www.neueve.com/pages/dilators

This article explains how these items help you relieve bladder prolapse:
How do NeuEve balm, suppository, and dilators help relieve chronic UTIs?

To speed up the recovery, you can use 2 packs of NeuEve Sensitive Silk for the first month, using 1 suppository every other day to get a jumpstart.

On the second month, you can switch to the maintenance mode of NeuEve Sensitive Silk, using it twice a week. One pack is for one month of supply. You can continue using the Sensitive vulva balm cream daily.

Additionally, Kegel exercise may help you speed up the recovery. This link provides some good information about Kegel exercise for women:

You can type "Kegel exercise vaginal tightening" in the Youtube search bar and you will find many instruction videos on YouTube. Below are some examples:

Some pelvic physical therapists teach Kegel exercises. You may find one in your area by Googling "pelvic physical therapist near me."

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and increasing vaginal wall thickness will take time. There is no quick fix. You will need to exercise patience and persistence before seeing significant recovery.

A combination of using NeuEve (topical nutritional supplements), dietary supplements, and Kegel exercises can help you recover sooner.

Mar 31, 2024

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