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Thanks. I reached out a few months ago for my daughter who just had gender confirming vaginoplasty. Your mom recommended the Silk after she was healed, so here we are. It is common for trans women to struggle with the vaginal biom as it naturally is more baseline, like the rest of our bodies. Her friend has an anaerobic bacteria that the doctors cant seem to get rid of. I am committed to finding solutions and not waiting for them.
Can you tell me if there are members of the group with neovaginas?

Thank you for the inquiry. You have raised a good question.

Our Facebook support group is a private group. We would like to keep it private because pelvic health is an intimate topic, which requires privacy.

We do not know if any member in the group is a transsexual woman because we never asked. We respect all members privacy. If they do not speak out, we do not know. So, the answer is unknown.

Some members are more talkative than others about pelvic health issues, but most are quiet listeners. This topic of neovagina has not been openly discussed. It may be a sensitive topic.

About microbiome health in neovagina, based on medical knowledge, only the original female vaginal lining skin shed glycogen containing cells to support friendly Lactobacillus bacteria. Skin cells from other parts of the body do not. Thus, transgender women may not support growth of friendly Lactobacillus bacteria to offer a natural health protection.

Without natural health protection by friendly Lactobacillus bacteria, it is expected that other types of bacteria will grow. This is called dysbiosis. This will be a lifetime condition for these women.

Using NeuEve suppositories routinely may help overcome this type of dysbiosis. The reason is that NeuEve provides the same vaginal environmental condition found in a health reproductive aged woman (15-45) by imitating vaginal cell shedding.

To find a suitable NeuEve product for long term use, your daughter can start with the Assorted pack. Follow the instructions to start with the mild Silk. Then, move up a phase to the Silver. Last, to move up to the Gold. If she feels burning when she tries the Silver formula, the lower level Silk will be the right one.
But if she does not feel burning when she reached the Silver level or even Gold level, she can use NeuEve Silver or Gold for weekly health maintenance.

Gold would be the best if she is not sensitive to the stronger Gold formula. Using one Gold suppository a week, she can keep her vaginal microbiome the same as a reproductive aged woman (15-45).

She can try seed some good friendly Lactobacillus with probiotic insert like VagiBiom. This is not our product, but you can find it on Amazon. She can use it alternate like with NeuEve. Say if she uses NeuEve Gold on Mondays, she can use a VagiBiom insert on Thursdays. This will help her guard against infections like yeast or BV.

To understand vaginal lining cell shedding and vaginal dysbiosis, you may find these articles helpful:



This topic is relatively new. We do not have data on it. We cannot guarantee it will work. All sales are final. No refund.

Mar 26, 2023

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