Can you recommend a good brand for collagen supplement?

Collagen supplements not only help reduce wrinkles on the face but also are good for restoring atrophied vaginal tissue.

Reduced collagen synthesis contributes to vaginal atrophy. If you have vaginal atrophy, taking collagen supplements can help you find relief sooner and help to stop it from coming back.

This website of Harvard University provides good information on collagen supplements:

Remember, collagen synthesis requires not only collagen supplements but also requires vitamin C. Make sure you eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables and also take a pill of daily multiple vitamins.

For collagen made from animal sources, here are the top 10 brands rated by Forbes for collagen powder supplements:

If you are looking for vegan collagen, below is the link to the top 10 vegan collagen brands:$%2Bbest%20%2Bvegan%20%2Bcollagen&target=&aceid={aceid}&adposition=&trackid=uk_all_top_11_1&mId=407-132-4411&trackOld=true&msclkid=96accd1f2e3212d03dd7aeecabb0b146

Aug 20, 2023

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