I am concerned about carrageenan in the supplement. Does it cause cancer?

Did you mean the carrageenan used in the vegan capsule for sea buckthorn oil pills?

It is safe. Carrageenan is an FDA approved safe food ingredient. No side effect has ever been reported both in humans and in animals.

Why are there safety concerns about carrageenan?

Like good guys and bad guys in movies, there are also good carrageenan and bad carrageenan.

The good carrageenan is the un-degraded type that is safe and approved for human consumption. The bad carrageenan is the chemically degraded version also known as poligeenan. It is not approved for human use and has been reportedly to cause cancer in animals at a high dose. The bad carrageenan is not used for human consumption.

Carrageenan is a natural substance found in seaweed while poligeenan is not found in nature. Poligeenan and carrageenan are often confused, but they are completely different.

Due to market competition, the industrial competitor attacked the good carrageenan used in the almond milk with the bad reputation associated with poligeenan to mislead consumers.

For more information for the safety of good carrageenan, you may find these articles helpful:



Please continue using NeuEve and take sea buckthorn oil pills.

They are safe. No poligeenan is used in these products.

Jul 31, 2022

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