I am 48 and my vagina has become loose. Which products can help tighten it?

Normally the vaginal tissue has a good elasticity. Due to aging and childbirth, the elasticity may become weakened and you may feel that you have a loosened vagina. This often occurs during or after menopause.

At 48, you can start with NeuEve Silver suppository (use it once every 5 days) plus vulva balm cream (use it once daily), your elasticity will grow back in a few months because these products deliver nutrients to promote growth of  collagen and elastic fibers in the vaginal tissue.

Taking certain dietary dietary supplements can also help you find relief sooner.

Additionally, Kegel exercise may help you speed up the recovery. This link provides some good information about Kegel exercise for women:


You can type "Kegel exercise vaginal tightening" in the Youtube search bar and you will find many instruction videos on YouTube. Below are some examples:




Some pelvic physical therapists teach Kegel exercise. You may find one in your area.

To grow back the vaginal tissue elasticity will take time. There is no quick fix. Combination among using NeuEve (topical nutritional supplements), dietary supplements, and Kegel exercise can help you recover sooner.

Aug 25, 2023

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