My doctor does not want me to use your product. He wants me to use estrogen.

Thank you for telling us your doctor's recommendation.

You are fortunate to have purchased NeuEve - the safest and most effective product for relieving painful sex and vaginal atrophy.

Estrogen is less effective and has many serious safety concerns because it increases the risk of many deadly diseases like heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism (clotting disorder), and cancer.

When you make a decision that may affect your life, it is better to make a well informed decision. Otherwise, you could make a biggest mistake of a lifetime.

To understand how NeuEve is better and safer than estrogen you may find these articles helpful:

How can a hormone pill, skin patch, or vaginal insert or cream raise cancer risk?

Since the long-term estrogen supplement causes cancer, why do doctors still promote it?

This is a good question. Let me explain.

To develop a new drug, it must go through 3 phases of clinical trials. Each phase ranges from 3 months to 2 years. With such a short study period, cancer risks are not detected. Long-term studies may observe the development of cancer. Thus, all estrogen-like drugs are safe during the short-term clinical trial period.

The safety data of estrogen are based on short-term clinical trials

Can drug companies do a long-term study to confirm drug safety before marketing it? Maybe not. The reason is that it will take too long to develop a drug. Also, the drug patent protection period is only 20 years. If a drug takes more than 20 years to develop, its patent would expire, and the drug company may bankrupt. Thus, under current regulation, only a short-term clinical trial is possible.

After long-term use, many patients developed cancer. This led university scientists to conduct longer-term studies. In the past 20 years, many studies linked estrogen use to breast cancer. These findings are published in scientific journals, not targeting laypeople. Thus, many people may not know the cancer risk of estrogen. Information about estrogen cancer risk is on breastcancer.orgWebMD, and the FDA webpages. It is important that you learn it before making a decision that might lead to cancer later in life.

Do you guarantee that NeuEve works better than estrogen?

How to identify false information on estrogen safety?

Dec 28, 2022

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