I have Extreme Dryness. Why Silk not Gold?

I was wondering why I was directed to the mildest formula when I suffer from extreme dryness. Should I use the strongest formula instead?

To better explain this situation, let us use dry lips as an example. If one has had dry lips for a long time, say more than a month, micro-cracks occur on the lips. The tissues underneath the cracks are inflamed. Just opening the mouth can cause pain, becoming sensitive to everything, even to wind and water. At this stage, one may not be able to tolerate a strong product such as wrinkle cream. The milder ChapStick can help protect dried lips by sealing the cracks. After using the ChapStick for some time, the cracks are healed, and the tolerance improves. Then, one can use a stronger product like a wrinkle cream for rejuvenation.

After using Silk formula for a month or two, the micro-cracks in the dried vagina are healed and painful sex and dryness are alleviated. Then, you can switch to the stronger formula Silver for better maintenance and faster recovery of atrophy, but if you still feel pain and tenderness, continue using Silk will be better. Some customers said that using the Silk formula once in 3-4 days and NeuEve cream for the vulva once daily works well to ease severe dryness.

Jan 18, 2021

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