I have severe BV. Why should I use BV Clear first before using the extra strength BV Clear Finisher?

The severity of BV is not determined by how bad your symptoms are. It is about the difficulty to clear it. Even for a case with severe symptoms, if it is easy to clear, it may be a mild case.

BV Clear can clear about 96% of all women with BV, including those who tried multiple BV care products but failed. If you have had severe BV you may need to purchase 3 packs of BV Clear and follow instructions detailed in this article:

How do I use the BV Clear to clear BV?

You can print this article and follow the instructions in detail. About 96% of a chance your BV will be cleared after you use 3 packs of BV Clear.

In about 4% of a chance, your BV may not be cleared. If so, you can try BV Clear Finisher next.

Your 3 packs of BV Clear are not wasted because you will gain tolerance to a stronger formula. If you try the more concentrated BV Clear Finisher upfront, you may not tolerate it and feel burning and irritation. In about 96% of chance, it may be an overkill since a milder product may clear it.

About gaining tolerance to a stronger product by using a milder product first, we can use coffee as an example for explanation.

If you are a coffee drinker, after a while, you may feel that the taste of coffee is no longer strong enough for you. You can try the 3-fold more concentrated Espresso.

The availability of Espresso provides an option for those who like a strong taste of coffee. However, one must take this process sequentially. If Espresso is provided first to people who never had coffee, few may tolerate its bitter taste.

Jun 23, 2022

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