I am 53 and I have recurrent BV. After 4 courses of antibiotics, my BV still comes back.

At 53, you are at the peri-menopausal age. Due to reduced estrogen level. the vaginal lining becomes atrophic and the resistance to infection reduces. Thus, BV is a common result. Antibiotics or boric acid will not work because the cause is estrogen reduction. Without managing the cause, BV will come back as soon as you stop using the antibiotics.

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Below are the suggested products:

  1. For the first 12 days: 1 pack of NeuEve Silver (6 suppositories). Use 1 suppository every other day. https://www.neueve.com/collections/menopause/products/silver Using Silver first helps you adapt to the stronger formula Gold.
  2. From days 13-24: 1 pack of NeuEve Gold (4 suppositories). Use 1 suppository every 3 days. https://www.neueve.com/collections/menopause/products/gold
  3. If by day 25, your BV is cleared (~99% of chance), you can switch to the maintenance mode. Using 1 Gold suppository every 8 days. One pack is good for a month of health maintenance. If you do not see BV coming back for 3 months, you may be BV free for a long time.
  4. If by day 25, your BV is not cleared (~1% of chance), you can continue using NeuEve Gold once every 3 days for clearing BV. If after you use 3 pack of NeuEve Gold, your BV is not cleared, please contact us. We will help you from that point.

How to stop BV from coming back?

If you like NeuEve Gold, you can subscribe to it for long-term self-care. Your atrophy and BV will be gone for good.

By the way, some customers request refund after using the product for 30 days by taking advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. As a result, these customers will lose the chance of a lifetime to find the ultimate relief. To help our customers to find an ultimate relief, we must tell our customer upfront that for treating a stubborn recurrent BV, you must commit to long-term use of the product to find relief. The 30-day trial period is often not a long enough time to see the ultimate relief. The 30-day money back guarantee does not apply for a stubborn case.

I hope that you will find relief soon.

Apr 1, 2022

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