What are the possible side effects for the AV NIL treatment.

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In about 200 participants who tested AV NIL, one reported burning.

The oldest participant was 72, and youngest was 22, but the participant reported burning was 26, so the burning was not age related. It could be related to a concurrent yeast infection, which may cause inflammation and increase the sensitivity.

If you are sensitive to AV NIL, we suggest that you cut the product and use 1/3 or 1/2 suppository daily to reduce the sensitivity. If you suspect that you may have a concurrent yeast infection, you may be interested in https://www.neueve.com/products/reset-and-rejoic with the over-the-counter antifungal Monistat-3 first before using AV NIL.

This article shows you how to cut a suppository:

Instruction on Using AV NIL

There no reports of other possible side effects.

Dec 7, 2023

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