AV NIL has a higher price. Why do you not provide a subscription discount?

Before we put AV NIL on the market, we sold it privately to our existing customers for a year to test the effect of this product.

Customers who purchased it had AV that was not relieved by other products. They agreed to provide us with their feedback.

Our premarket price was lower for these customers. It was a discount price before the product was on the market. Now that it is on the market, the price is increased to meet market demand and to cover some marketing-related expenses.

Unlike antibiotics that can be used for many different infections, AV NIL works on only one condition, aerobic vaginitis or AV. Since AV is uncommon, it does not have a big enough market for a product to make money. This may be why nobody else is working on a product for AV.

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The cost of developing and producing this product is high. We cannot lower the price.

Many customers have spent thousands of dollars with many different doctors and antibiotics to treat their AV but have all failed. They used only a few packs of AV NIL and found relief. Although the success rate is not 100%, over 90% have found relief. The success rate is much better than any other products on the market for clearing AV. Thus, AV NIL has a high value for customers who need it.

This product is not a maintenance item. Many customers only used a few packs and found relief for a long time. They do not need to use it every month. Thus, we did not provide an option for a monthly subscription. We provide a bulk discount if a customer purchases multiple packs.

On the other hand, after AV is cleared, you can use a lower-priced item for maintenance to stop AV from coming back. If you can restore a healthy vaginal pH and a friendly bacteria-dominant microbiome, you can reduce the risk of AV returning. Thus, you can use NeuEve BV Clear (age < 40) or Gold (age 40-50) once a week, Silver (age 50-55) once every 5 days, or Silk (age >55) twice a week for maintenance.

Repeated infections after clearance suggest possible reservoirs for AV-related bacteria.

This article about AV has been updated to include methods to stop AV from returning after clearance by clearing possible reservoirs.


**Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is about natural products, nutrients, and/or methods for managing discomforts associated with vaginal dysbiosis (not a true infection or disease). It is not medical advice for the treatment of any disease.

Aug 19, 2023

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