My herpes flared up. Is there L-arginine in your product?

After using NeuEve for a day, my old herpes flares up. Does NeuEve contain L-arginine that could trigger herpes to flare up?

The composition of NeuEve is largely made of starch and palm oil, just like bread and butter, which have nothing to do with herpes. NeuEve has no L-arginine or anything that would trigger herpes or any viruses.

Herpes is not a curable disease. Once you have it, it will recur, just like the rain will fall, without apparent warning. However, in order to mount an attack by making a blister, the virus must come out from the nerve and be re-manufactured inside the host cells to millions of copies. This requires a long incubation time. One day is not sufficient to make these many copies. It is usually related to stress, reduced immune resistance, lack of rest, etc. Doctors today do not have a clue or a good method to stop it from recurring. It happens periodically.

It is suggested that you wait until the herpes is quiet down before start using NeuEve again. You need to manage herpes as you normally do as before.

Jan 2, 2023

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