Why my refund has a deduction?

Even though we offer all the orders free shipping to US addresses, the shipping is not free. There is shipping and handling cost of $10 paid to the fulfillment company ShipBob and the USPS.

Thus, the cost of each order has two expenses: the cost of the product itself and the fulfillment cost.

We hire a fulfillment shipping company called ShipBob to pack and ship our product. When you place an order. ShipBob packs and sends the product to USPS for shipment. Their charge is about $10 for each order (including $6 USPS postage).

When you file for a refund because you do not like the product, we give back 100% that we collected from you for the product. This is a 100% refund from our end. The fulfillment and shipping costs from ShipBob and the USPS (if the order is shipped) are not refundable because they have provided their services.

For international shipping, the actual cost of fulfillment is about $28. We factored the free domestic shipping deal to reduce your cost of shipping to $18. Thus, even if you paid a shipping cost, there is still a $10 charge to cover the actual cost of overseas shipping and handling.

May 13, 2023

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