Why is NeuEve BV Clear so expensive?

To determine if a product is expensive, one needs to compare it with other products serving the same purpose on the market.

First, let us compare it with antibiotics.

If you have medical insurance, it may cover prescription drugs like antibiotics. The cost for the drug is just a small copayment. On the surface, it is inexpensive. But the net cost also includes a copayment to visiting the doctor and the cost for paying insurance, as medical insurance is not cheap. But if you do not have medical insurance, the net cost will be the doctor’s fee and the price of the antibiotic drug. These two costs may be over $200 per visit. If you have multiple visits to a doctor as BV is often recurrent, the net costs will add up. A problem with antibiotics is that it may clear BV but cannot stop BV from coming back. In fact, most women experience BV recurrence after using antibiotics. The reason is that antibiotics may kill bad bacteria but cannot restore the normally protective vaginal microbiome.

Second, let us compare it with vaginal douche.

Vaginal douche is among the lowest-cost feminine care products. But it has a high-profit margin due to a low production cost. Its major ingredient is water, which costs nothing. In the United States, doctors do not recommend douche as it harms women’s health. One in five women 15 to 44 years old douche. The reason is affordability. When a woman gets a feminine odor, the cheapest self-care product is douche.

vaginal douches-1.jpg

Vaginal douche is harmful but is affordable and widely accessible in supermarkets and drugstores nationwide

Most customers do not buy high-cost products at first. They often start with low-cost products. These include douche and insurance-covered drugs like antibiotics. After several low-cost products fail, they would try medium-cost products. After these products fail again, they realize that they have wasted money on cheap things. They may need to pay more for a better product. This is when they find NeuEve.

NeuEve is among the high-cost feminine care products. We make NeuEve with high-quality, all-natural, and organic ingredients. The cost is high, and we cannot lower its price to compete with low-cost items that do not work.

To date, NeuEve BV Clear has helped over 10,000 women with severe recurrent BV that all other products had failed to find relief. These women have realized that NeuEve is more effective and less costly. Had they used NeuEve first, they could have found relief sooner and saved a lot of money, time, and suffer.

Nov 4, 2022

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