Your refund policy is in fine print. I did not find it.

The refund policy is on the most noticeable position of the webpage. It is located in the center of the banner.

One the top pink banner, there are only 3 items: Free shipping, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and subscribe & save.

Click on "100% satisfaction guarantee," you will see refund and return policy. They are not written in fine print like other companies. We do not have any fine prints.

Our policy is designed to benefit most customers. Between taking a discount upfront and having a refund privilege later, most customers choose discount upfront. Thus, we offer several options for upfront discount for customers to choose. This way, the product costs can be reduced and more customers who truly want to find relief can get benefit upfront.

A few customers took advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. They did not have any health issues but just purchased our products and told us the products did not work. Once they got refund, they turned around to sell our product on eBay.

Thus, we offer customers with a stubborn case individual consultation to help them troubleshoot and find better ways to find relief.

Sep 16, 2022

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