Customer want to return for refund because she does not like the NeuEve Silk

Thank you for reaching out.

Our return policy does not accept returns.

Unlike other products that use a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide a personalized care. We have 7 different levels of products for BV relief and/or for vaginal dryness and atrophy relief for women at different ages and with different health conditions.

To date, NeuEve has help over 100,000 women with severe cases of BV or vaginal dryness and atrophy (painful sex) that all other products have failed to find complete relief. NeuEve is the only product that can stop recurrent BV from coming back and the only product that can reverse vaginal atrophy safely without using hormones.

NeuEve is better because it provides personalized care and can be used for health maintenance.

Since you did not like Silk, there may be another product better suits you. We would be better able to help you choose the right product for relieving your discomforts if you could tell us your:

1) Age.
2) Menopausal status.
3) Health condition like on birth control, IUD, breastfeeding, hysterectomy, cancer therapy, and autoimmune disease like Sjogren's.
4) Medications like antibiotics, antihypertensive, antiallergics and/or antidepressants.
5) Other health condition not mentioned above.
6) Major symptoms of your current discomfort.

We will keep your age and health info strictly confidential.

Aug 11, 2022

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