How to use dilators with NeuEve?

"Do I do the dilation exercise every day and the suppositories on the same days as the dilation or on days when I do not use the dilator?"

You can do the dilation every day when you are using NeuEve. However, it is better to do it before inserting a NeuEve suppository. This will allow 24 hours for absorption of the suppository ingredients.

Please do not do the dilation immediately after your insert a suppository. This may cause loss of some suppository ingredients by sticking to the dilator. After 24 hours of the suppository insertion, you can do the daily dilation without a problem.

On the second day when you do the dilation exercise, some suppository ingredients may still stick to the dilator, but most of the nutrients have been absorbed. The loss will be negligible.

Sep 20, 2021

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