I prefer to use a Credit Card over PayPal

As a smaller company, we do not have a sophisticated online security platform to protect customer credit card use. We have hired PayPal to handle all transactions.

Though PayPal is our payment platform, you can still use your credit card through this system. You will be directed to apply your credit card information.

Instructions for One-Time Check Out

  1. Place all wanted products in cart
  2. Click "Add to Cart"
  3. Click white "Check Out" box under yellow PayPal check out box
  4. Complete check out White Check Out Box

Instructions for Subscribing

  1. Determine which item(s) you wish to subscribe too
  2. Click the yellow subscribe button on the NeuEve webpage
  3. Click the "Pay with Debit or Credit" button on PayPal webpage Pay with Debit or Credit

If you click the arrow at the top of the PayPal webpage it will clarify the exact subscription you are subscribing to

If you are still having trouble feel free to click here or click the LiveChat on the bottom right for instant help!

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