To clear aerobic vaginitis (AV), is Gold the best or BV Finisher the best?

The strengths of NeuEve products for clearing AV bacteria are BV Finisher > BV Clear > Gold > Silver > Silk > Balm.

Thus, for clearing AV, BV Finisher is the best. A trade-off is that it is a strong formula and may cause irritation if used upfront. If you are over 50, you may be sensitive to a strong product due to vaginal atrophy. You may start with a milder formula like Silver or Gold and move up the level stepwise to gain tolerance to a stronger product.

Aerobic bacteria needs air to grow. Thus, AV can only happen when there is vaginal atrophy, which allows air to enter. When vaginal atrophy is reversed, air does not get in, and no aerobic bacteria can grow. Thus, reversal of vaginal atrophy can help stop AV from coming back.

The strengths of NeuEve products for reversal of vaginal atrophy are Gold > Silver > Silk > Balm. BV Finisher and BV Clear only clear bad bacteria. They have limited or no effect in reversing vaginal atrophy.

Thus, for maintenance to stop AV from coming back after AV is cleared, Gold is the best.

Aerobic bacteria that cause AV are like land animals. They do not grow in water. Anaerobic bacteria that cause BV and friendly lactobacillus are like fish. They do not grow in air.

Using Gold to reverse atrophy is like filling water into the pond. Land animals cannot grow in the pond when it is filled with water. On the other hand, fish may come back to the water-filled pond.

NeuEve Gold provides nutrients that not only nourish the atrophied tissue but also selectively feed good bacteria. If you use NeuEve Gold for maintenance, it will assure that only good bacteria, not bad bacteria will grow back. When friendly lactobacillus bacteria come back, you will regain health and your AV will be gone without coming back.

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May 13, 2022

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